April 11, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 15

Students win statewide art awards

Petersburg's own Sydney Guthrie took first place in Short Fiction Writing with her work “Weeping Willow” in F Magazine's third annual Alaska Statewide Youth Art & Writing Competition on March 16. Patricia Jackson and Diane Murph were awarded 'Honorable Mention' in art.

Diane Murph\'s “Epiphany”

Jackson's “Reflection” is a self portrait in pastels. “I was inspired by the difference of perception in how people look at you instead of who you really are,” said Jackson.

Murph's “Epiphany” is an elaborate work in ink and pencil, taking approximately four months and countless hours to complete. It is a colorful maze of doodles, shapes, objects and even math symbols—with no repetition within the whole piece. “I wanted it to represent me, but without telling a story,” said Murph. “I like that it isn't obvious what any of the shapes are, and the viewer has to approach it and take a closer look.”

Jackson and Murph heard about the competition from Petersburg High School Art Instructor Ashley DuRoss. “As always, I am proud of all students who want to share their art for others to see and proud of their confidence in their art work,” said DuRoss. “When you know your art work will be judged and compete against other student art entries that you don't even get to peek at to compare your work to—that takes a lot of faith and trust in your artistic hand.”

Both girls are very happy to have their art recognized, and feel motivated to do more. The competition is very selective; Jackson and Murph were among over one hundred students grades 7-12 from across the state to submit art. Their work is being displayed in an exhibit with only 25 other pieces at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage until April 14.

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