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What respect means to me


What respect means to me is kindness and always paying attention when the person is talking. Also respect is an act of giving particular attention: consideration. When I’m respectful I’m kind and listening to what the teacher or my friends are saying. When I show respect I would normally get respect back and if my family shows respect to me they would get respect back. All-in-all respect is an act of kindness and helpfulness. I love to be respectful because I’m a person of kindness.

Madyson Sauer, 6th grade

Respect is treating others the same as you would want to be treated. It also means to understand how they see you and their perspective on the world. Valuing others feelings should mean more to you than your own no matter how your companions see them. Respect is also understanding that everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Gabe Torrez, 7th grade

To me respect means being kind and helpful to others. When you respect others I believe it gives them esteem. The respect shows others they mean something to you. It starts when you are small and grows with you. Respect means to help others when they need it. It means not hurting others. This is what respect means to me.

McKay Jones, 6th grade

What is respect? Respect is a quality that some people carry and some people don’t. To show respect you have to be kind, caring, and considerate to other people. To be respectful you don’t always have to be nice. Often times people won’t care whether you even talk to them, you could just try to stay out of their way. People always think that you can only be respectful to others, but this is not true. I assure you that in life if you respect yourself your life won’t be as hard as when you don’t. To respect yourself you have to not destroy your body with bad food, little things like that are all ways to respect yourself. Always remember, do onto others as you would like others to do onto you.

Chris Burke, 7th grade

I feel like respect is paying attention, caring, honoring them, treating them with dignity. Also I think it means letting us all be who we are without judgement, we accept one another for who we are. This is what respect means to me.

Chandler Strickland,

8th grade

What respect means to me. Respect means you should listen to other people besides your elder’s, especially people who have served in the military. Respect means not only do you have to listen to people but, you need to be quiet when other people are talking or, to be treated the way you want. Another way I think about respect is to not judge other people even though you think they are wrong.

Marcus Short, 8th grade

Respect means having regard for others as people and their feelings. It means treating them the way they want to be treated.

Sarah Tate, 9th grade

Respect is when you show you care about other people besides yourself.

Zoe Marsden, 9th grade


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