April 18, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 16

Deer harvest reporting past-due

All hunters who are issued deer harvest tickets are required to report, even if they did not hunt.

ADFG sent out reminders asking all deer hunters who have not reported to provide their 2012-2013 deer hunting and harvest information. If you receive a reminder, please respond immediately.

Each deer harvest ticket holder is required to submit a hunt report with the requested hunt and harvest information, regardless of whether they hunted themselves or a federally designated/proxy hunter hunted for them.

Deer hunters may report by mailing the card received with their deer harvest tickets or online at http://hunt.alaska.gov by using the ticket number listed on their report card, deer harvest tickets, and the back of their hunting license.

The information hunters provide helps ADFG estimate changes in area-specific deer harvest and hunting effort, monitor populations, and recommend appropriate seasons and bag


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