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USFS to assist canoeing groups


The Forest Service is working with the One People Canoe Society in their efforts to participate in the Chief Shakes House re-dedication effort in Wrangell, the weekend of May 4.

“There are groups coming from all over Southeast Alaska,” Petersburg District Ranger Jason Anderson said. “We have been asked to actually crew one of the canoes to join them as they pass by Petersburg and paddle into Wrangell.”

At this time there are approximately 40 to 50 people that will be canoeing past Petersburg and they are hoping for a place to stop.

“The best place for a group that size to stop and camp would be Sandy Beach,” Anderson said. “They will be camping at Greens Camp for part of their journey, but Sandy Beach is one of the best places for them to come ashore.”

The One People Canoe Society is a non-profit entity that was founded 12 years ago to support canoeing and traditional activities ranging from paddle making, singing traditional native songs and encouraging all people to keep their heritage alive.

The Petersburg Borough Assembly approved the group of canners to camp at Sandy Beach during their journey to Wrangell.


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