April 25, 2013 | Vol. 111, No. 17

Tattoo fans will soon be getting inked in Petersburg

Tattoo artist, Tammie Wales moved to Petersburg in December and has been working hard to open T.W. Tattoos.

Shelly Pope
Tammie Wales will open T.W. Tattoos in the PIA Building Wednesday, May 1 and is looking forward to showing off her new tattoo station.

The opening of the new business has been slated for Wednesday, May 1 and will be located inside the PIA building, Room 112.

“I want my patrons to know that I do business a little different,” Wales stated. “There are no tattoo designs to choose from on the walls. I prefer to work with customer's photos, drawings and ideas to help me see what is in their imagination.”

According to Wales, flash art is often produced repeatedly leaving many people with the same tattoo over and over again. At T.W. Tattoo, Wales will work with the client so their design is something uniquely custom.

Wales explained that the array of materials used to produce tattoos has come a very long way over time and today a lot of shops can offer disposable alternatives to metal materials that have to be cleaned and sterilized.

Wales uses 100 percent single use, disposable materials for all tattoos, thus ensuring safety and cleanliness. The vivid ink colors which Wales uses are 100 percent pure, uncut, organic pigments and an entire wall of the shop is dedicated to informing the public about everything there is to know about getting a tattoo.

She describes her business as “Custom tattoos and fine art.” It is a bright, clean environment where all questions will be answered, she explained.

“This is a place where anyone is welcome to come in and watch their friend get inked,” she stated.

The shop will also serve as an art gallery of various paintings, drawings and wood burnings that she has produced.

“I don't like tattoo shops that look like some sort of crazy rock-star's garage,” Wales said. “I want this to be a business that helps to break the stereotypes most people have toward tattoo shops.”

She said that today tattoos are not just for rebels.

“All types of people from all walks of life are getting inked for their own personal reasons,” Wales stated. “Many just get a tattoo for the fun of it.”

Prices for tattoos vary depending on size, theme, style and clarity of the desired tattoo. Large tattoos are priced by the hour and often will require multiple sessions to complete.

Wales is booking by appointment only and a customer must be 18 years old and show an identification to get a tattoo, no exceptions to this rule will be made.

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