April 25, 2013 | Vol. 111, No. 17

Yesterday's News

April 26, 1913 – What we have been wishing for these many years, came along the other day and passed us by. Why? The reason is not far fetched. It lays in the fact that we have no water system.

A few days ago, the representative of the International Fisheries Company, who for several months this last winter was located here as a purchasing agent for the company, visited in town while on his way to Sitka, where he goes to establish a cold storage plant and oil station. In answer to the question as to the reason for passing by Petersburg for Sitka, Mr. Stuart said that his company had seriously considered this place, and which, he admittted possessed a great many advantages, and added that the lack of water was too much of a handicap.

April 27, 1983 – The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has teamed with one of the world's most popular magazines—Reader's Digest—to help educate consumers in the United Kingdom, Belgium and The Netherlands about Alaska's most important renewable resource.

Many editions of Reader's Digest international sold in the three countries will include a 6-page, four-color spread on Alaska salmon, complete with recipes for preparing canned and frozen salmon.

The three countries targeted in the promotion are the major overseas markets for American canned salmon, nearly all of which is produced in Alaska. The project was designed to help overcome lingering market slumps due to the prolonged European embargo of canned salmon last year.

April 29, 1993 – Members of Petersburg Scout Troop 24 constructed a log access bridge for foot traffic and cleared downed trees from the access road into the “Greens Camp” Campground near mile 26 Mitkof Highway on April 25th while the Scouts were on an overnight camping trip. The foot bridge utilized several alder logs from last winter's blow down, and crosses the opening created by removal last fall of the failed culvert on the campground access road.

April 24, 2003 – PHS senior Zac Carter was sitting on the back deck of a Middle Harbor boat with three friends last Wednesday night when he heard a cry for help. “We must have been out there for a good twenty or twenty-five minutes talking. We didn't hear anything and then, we heard this 'Help me out of the water!' We were trying to figure out where it was coming from, and then so me and Jeff go hoofing off the boat down the dock, and there must have been this 55-year-old guy with just his head and his hands above the water and he was blue as can be.”

The man was clinging onto an overturned canoe. Together, Carter and his friend Jeff from Homer ran to the end of the second finger of the harbor and pulled him out of the water. The man claimed he'd been clinging to the canoe for two and a half hours.

EMTs transported the man to Petersburg Medical Center; his body tempurature upon arrival was 92 degrees, said Fire Chief Sam Bunge.

“Zac and his three friends are life-savers,” said Bunge this week. Eric Lee and Daniel McCay, both PHS students, were the other two friends of Carter's visiting Jeff's boat.

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