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Nice when we were trusted

To the Editor:

The sky didn’t fall when we became a borough. In fact, nothing much seems to have changed at all. The old city limits sign is still in place. The council, er.. the assembly, still meets in the same chambers with the same old city emblem on its bench.

There is only one change I’ve noticed. This is my 3rd year as a senior citizen. The first two years I paid for my tax-exempt card. Not once was I asked to show it. I just told them my number or wrote it down. It was nice to be trusted.

Now that we are a borough I get my tax-exempt card for free. I have to show it everywhere for everything. It sure was nice when we trusted each other.

George Cole

Keene Channel

North Harbor bid award

To the Editor:

The Petersburg Borough removed the bid preference for residents through addendum number three 4 days prior to the bid opening. The Borough manager stated that it was removed because the state funding did not allow the bidder preference. This is not the case and the bidder preference could have been left in the bid requirements as per the Petersburg Municipal Code. Whose irresponsibility caused this to happen?

Western Dock and Bridge was the low bidder at $7,090,670.00 and Tamico was second at $7,189,420.00. The difference was one percent which is within the five percent allowed the local bidder. The borough awarded the contract to Western Dock and Bridge and saved $98,750.00. If Tamico had been awarded the project a sum of $1,400,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 would have remained and circulated in Petersburg and not be going to Ketchikan which is where Western Dock and Bridge is a resident.

Way to go Petersburg Borough we all appreciate your supporting the local residents. Makes me want to rush down and pay my property taxes.

James and Jimmy Martinsen

Tamico, Inc.

Thank you

To the Editor:

I am writing this as a thank you to the entire Petersburg community. I recently came to Petersburg to apply for the Police Officer position. During my stay the Petersburg Indian Association and the Petersburg Fire Department were kind enough to provide accommodations for my self and the other applicants.

I have nothing but positive things to say about everyone I had the pleasure of meeting throughout the community. Though I did not get the job this go around I will closely watch for future open positions with the Petersburg Police Dept. for a chance to be part of your wonderful community.

Christopher Eskridge


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