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By Ron Loesch
Petersburg Press 

The 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Marine Highway System


In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Marine Highway System, we present these pages with news reports from the archives of the Petersburg Press in 1962 and 1963. The historic timeline information was provided by the AMHS.

The arrival of MV Malaspina in 1963 was big news for the city, the region and the State of Alaska. The new transportation service connected Southeast communities as they had never been before, and it changed the way passengers and freight were transported to and from the towns that made up Southeast Alaska.

We congratulate the employees of the AMHS and more importantly, the men and women who worked to bring the service into existence. Petersburg played a critical part in lobbying for the system years before the first ferry arrived at the dock.

Today, many of the same vessels service the original routes they sailed in the 1960s. This certainly speaks to the quality of construction that went into the vessels and the ability of the crews who maintain them.

We should be proud of the accomplishments of the Marine Highway System. It continues to be a critical link in the freight and transportation needs of our region which makes it more important that we work together to sustain the service that will insure its continued operation for the benefit of all Alaskans living in the coastal regions of

our state.


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