May 9, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 19

Yesterday's News

May 3, 1913 – To the editor: Life in Alaska is a heaven on earth. It is indeed. From part of a lifetime spent in a crowded city of the East, to be transferred to Alaska is the very acme of delight. Life in Alaska is a dream, merely a dream, that's all.

Just think you easterners, that here we have no severe storms, no floods, no insufferable heat, no cyclones, no serious political warring, no panics. In fact none of those distressing afflicions for which the people of the States are made to endure. Elbow room? Good gracious, enough of that to burn. Yes indeed. If one is not satisfied in one particular place, all one has to do is to move. One will take a pack on his back, or a small boat and get. And one can go as far as one pleases. There is hardly any limit to that part of it.

Now, along the southeastern Alaska coast, “when the tide is out, the table is set” as the fisherman said. And there you are. Clams galore, just dig them out and eat. Go back a short distance from the beach line, and game a plenty. What more does an Alaskan need?

May 11, 1983 – Dan O'Neil was taken for a ride from one end of Scow Bay to the other by a 371-pound halibut Tuesday night. It took over three hours to bring the fish in, but after six gaff hooks and five shots, the halibut finally quit fighting.

“It was a real fighter,” O'Neil said. He was out in Scow Bay with his wife Cheryl and friends Craig Curtis and Mickey Knight fishing for salmon. They were just trolling for king salmon in a 19 foot boat and he was using a 25 pound test line and a very limber salmon rod when the halibut was hooked at 7 p.m.

“We never saw him for three hours,” O'Neil said. Halfway through, his reel broke and he had to crank the line in manually. The Howkan lifted the fish into their boat and brought it in for O'Neil.

May 6, 1993 – First Bank will begin construction of a 3400 square foot banking facility in Petersburg on or about May 12. Construction time will be approximately one year.

The new building will be located in the First Bank lot on Nordic Drive, which will allow customers more direct access to the Bank. A fully operational drive up will be one of the many features of the new building.

Completion of the new building is set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of First Bank's opening in Petersburg, which is July 2, 1994.

May 8, 2003 – Refurbished in the wake of a fire which destroyed the building’s second floor, Harbor Bar celebrated its reopening on Friday night with a packed house and smoke pouring into the building’s front door.

In the midst of the festivities, the bar’s electric sign malfunctioned, sending smoke in the door. “I don’t know if it was something left in there from the original fire. We didn’t turn that sign on until Friday when we opened. I don’t know if there was a bunch of water in there or what, but the ballast ended up going out and it smoked quite a bit,” the Harbor’s Curt Birchell explained amid laughter.

“We’re just glad to be open again and back to work,” said Birchell. “We’re hoping that we can keep it as new in here as possible without too many crazy things happening.”

As a gesture of thanks, the bar is having a party for firefighters on Thursday night.

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