May 9, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 19

Petersburg nominated as top 10 yachting town

Petersburg has been nominated as a top 10 finalist for top yachting towns by Yachting Magazine.

“Petersburg was nominated by one of our readers,” Deputy Editor of Yachting Magazine Patrick Sciacca stated. “My editor forwarded it to me as one of the top 10 to be written about.”

Sciacca explained that there are certain towns that are nominated every year, but he is looking forward to getting to know Petersburg better.

“Petersburg and the other top finalist will have a feature in our July edition,” Sciacca said. “This is great exposure for the top 10. All 50 towns will be featured in our online version.”

Yachting Magazine has 130,000 subscribers with 100,000 online subscribers. According to Sciacca, this issue will be on the stands by the second week in June.

“We know that Petersburg is more of a commercial fishing and boating community,” Sciacca stated. “But it is still a great place to go and visit.”

The winner of last year’s Top Yachting Town was Beaufort, N.C.

Voting will take place over the summer via the Yachting Magazine website and social media. The winner will be announced in the fall issue.

“We like to open the world for our readers,” Sciacca said. “I have no way of knowing who the reader was that nominated Petersburg, but your community obviously made a big impression on him.”

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