May 23, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 21

Yesterday's News

May 31, 1913 – About one year ago, the residents of Scow Bay petitioned the department for the establishment of a school for their children with the result that a building was erected and in time, the school was started with Miss George of Juneau as a teacher, who has kindly furnished the following statement which shows that the money thus spent was for a worthy and necessary cause.

No. of pupils enrolled Oct. 14, 1912-11

Entered at midyear-1

Left during the term-6

Average attendance for the term-8 ½

The school will re-open in Sept. 1913 for a nine months term. A large attendance is anticipated then. Several noticeable improvements will be made on the building and play ground during the summer.

May 25, 1983 – A quilting workshop will be held June 28th, it will be packed with new ideas for quilt making.

Featured during the workshop will be ideas for boarders, quilting, how to use your rag bag, short cuts, sewing and cutting by strips, finish by block, and many more new ideas will be shown.

There will be a pot luck lunch, and babysitting will be provided.

Former school teacher, Elizabeth Duncan from Sisters, Oregon will be the instructor.

May 20, 1993 – Norwegian art of rosemaling—brush stroke painting on wood—is displayed by Muskeg Maleriers Naomi Stulce and Margaret Durbin with various gift items in this sidewalk booth during festival.

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