May 23, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 21

Letters to the Editor

Mange Tusen Takk

To the Editor:

Having worked on the organizational end of the Festival for many years, I understand the huge amount of year-around effort it requires to pull off a successful event like this past Little Norway Festival. Thank you so much to Holli Flint and her Festival Committee, to the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and their Director Sally Dwyer and all the organizations hosting Festival events for another job well done. Rain or shine, visitors and locals all had a great time.

Congratulations to Jill Williams as the well deserved recipient of the 2013 Norwegian American Award.

I am regularly asked what is Petersburg’s secret to our ability of maintain and displaying our heritage so well? I reply, “it’s the respect given that makes the difference”. For all of us that put in countless hours organizing, practicing melodrama lines and dance steps, cooking and baking, constructing bunader, costumes and other arts; it is the excitement of those in the community that cheerfully partake of all the events not only during the Festival, but all year long that truly make the efforts worthwhile. It is the wonderful level of respect that comes from all of you showing up and participating whether it’s marching in the parade or standing in the rain on the sidewalk cheering others on.

Mange Tusen Takk for being there and waving back.

Glo Wollen

We'll treasure the memories

To the Editor, Chamber of Commerce staff and residents of Petersburg:

We would like to thank you for a very enjoyable visit to Petersburg this past weekend. Your hospitality was wonderful and so very patient with us as first time visitors.

We had many questions and everyone was so friendly and helpful. We will forever treasure the memories and we greatly appreciate your community spirit.

Katherine C. Atkins

Karen R. Gregory

Thank you

To the Editor:

The Petersburg High School Boys and Girls Basketball teams and their parents would like to thank everyone for attending the “All You Can Eat – Shrimp” Dinner on May 18. Our plans to attend basketball camp would not be possible without the generous donation of shrimp from Dennis Sperl, to Trident Seafoods for storing the shrimp and the use of the cookhouse from Icicle Seafoods. Once again, our community has shown fantastic support for our kids.

Anne Volk

Goose that lays golden egg

To the Editor:

Concerning the Tax Free Day discussed at the last Borough Assembly meeting, it doesn't help my boat yard business but I still think it's a good idea. I think the Borough Assembly is missing the point: local retail sales is the goose that lays the golden egg, sales tax. Kill the goose and you're outta luck. Taking aim at the senior exemption and the semi annual tax free day will do little compared to supporting local businesses and encouraging local sales, whether taxable or not. At my last visit to the Wrangell municipal boat yard, I asked the Port Director if their operation was profitable. He said he didn't know and didn't care, that their mission was to support local businesses who in turn support the Wrangell Borough with sales tax revenues. Although he may have been exaggerating, I still liked his attitude. I wonder if Wrangell's sales tax revenues are up or down?

John Murgas

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