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Thank You


This letter is late in coming. I’ve been putting it off because there just aren’t words I can think of to express how thankful and humbled my family and I have been by everyone’s generosity and love during my sister, Sharon McAdams’s illness and her passing.  It was a very sad time for my family and it would have been much harder without the love and support of everyone.

I want to start with giving a BIG “Thank You” to everyone at the Petersburg Medical Center. You should all be so proud of the genuine loving care that you provide here in Petersburg – hard to beat.

Dr. Hyer and Jennifer– you were both there and always took that extra time to sit and talk with Sharon and us, which was so important. Angela and Julie (her chemo nurses) you were so great – we will be forever thankful for the love and care you gave her. Thanks to all of her coworkers/friends who were always there with a hug, smile and loving support. When I brought her home from Anchorage there was a never ending line of friends to welcome her home and she greeted each and every one with a smile and hug – she was home, with her friends and family, right where she wanted to be. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to Shelley Reid for being there with the Gribble girls until the very end.

We also want to thank our friends and co-workers (not only here in Petersburg but in Anchorage) who stepped in while we were gone and made things happen.

The meals were a Godsend. Spending all of our time at the hospital and then all the work after would have been much harder without all the delicious meals that everyone brought to our home that not only fed my immediate family but Sharon’s kids and family– it gave us more time to spend with Sharon and each other.

It’s too bad that it takes sadness for us to realize what good friends we have.  Sharon was always giving of herself and as one of her dear friends said to me after she had passed – “Her last gift to us was that she brought all of us closer together” and that is so true.

Thank you everyone! 

Ginger & Chuck Ressler

Gina and Scott

Matthew & Sara

Marina and Haley

Melanie and Avery



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