May 23, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 21

Police reports

May 15

Petersburg Public Works was notified of a big pothole with jagged edges at Haugen and N. Nordic Drive.

A warning was issued to an individual for partially blocking the Hammer and Wikan parking lot on the 200 block of N. Nordic Drive.

May 16

A hole was reported in the bridge on Sing Lee Alley.

Officers were notified of someone trespassing onto a boat at South Harbor.

May 17

A warning was issued for driving with only parking lights on S. Nordic Drive.

Officers made contact with an intoxicated individual on Kiseno. The officers made sure the individual made it home safely.

A vehicle was found with doors open, keys inside and with a lot of equipment inside on 12th Street.

A caller reported a vehicle speeding in the elementary school area.

Officers responded to an argument involving seven or eight young adults in the downtown area.

An individual was reported at the bar that should not be there on Chief John Lott.

A patron refused to leave the bar and officers escorted the individual from the premises on Chief John Lott.

May 18

A warning was issued for a stop sign violation on Haugen Drive.

A vehicle was broken into on S. Third Street.

Officers were notified of gasoline being stolen from a vehicle on S. Third Street.

A property sign was stolen from a vehicle on Mitkof Highway.

People dumping garbage was reported and officers responded.

A fight was reported at S. Third Street and Kiseno.

May 19

An individual was reported driving with excessive speed on Haugen Drive.

Officers were notified of an individual driving with excessive speed on Howkan Drive.

May 20

Parts were reported taken off of a vehicle on Mitkof Highway.

Officers were notified of a tire coming out of a trailer and almost hitting a building on Haugen Drive.

A disabled vehicle was reported at the airport.

May 21

Officers responded to an individual being verbally abusive and refusing to leave the premises on N. Nordic Drive.

A suspicious individual was reported on N. Nordic Drive.

Ruth A. Johnson, 24, was issued a citation for no proof of insurance and written warnings for speed and failure to carry a driver’s license on S. Nordic Drive.

A warning was issued for an illegal left turn on Harbor Way.

Two callers reported reckless driving and speeding on Fram Street.

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