May 30, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 22

Police reports

May 22

U.S. Coast Guard reported a fuel vessel on the beach at Papke's Landing.

A youth rode a bicycle through wet cement downtown.

A nasty letter was left on an individual’s door at Magill’s Trailer Court.

A vehicle was reported speeding and driving recklessly on Howkan Street.

An individual reported a vehicle that should not be on the roadway speeding down the street on Fram Street.

A vehicle and trailer was blocking a driveway on Mitkof Highway.

Flashers were left on in a vehicle and officers turned them off.

May 23

Three boats were parked with For Sale signs on the street by the South Boat Harbor.

A caller reported an individual yelling obscenities at her on Skylark Way.

An amplifier system was stolen from a vehicle on Mitkof Highway.

Officers were notified of an individual driving a vehicle and not staying between the white and yellow lines, not maintaining speed and passing in a no passing zone on Mitkof Highway.

The Petersburg Harbormaster was notified of a strong odor of fuel at the Crane Dock ramp.

May 24

A caller reported an unattended boy who threw a rock at her and it left a red mark on her ankle on the 600 block of Rambler Street.

A car was parked and causing a traffic hazard at Dolphin Street and Nordic Drive.

A vehicle was reported being rifled through at approximately 2 mile Mitkof Highway.

May 25

A vehicle was reported leaking gas on Gjoa Street.

An abandoned vehicle was reported on Hungerford Hill.

May 26

Petersburg Harbormaster brought in possible drug paraphernalia found on Harbor Way.

An individual was found passed out in the back of a vehicle on Harbor Way.

Officers were notified of a noise from an outboard motor on Hungerford Hill.

May 27

Officers were notified of a vehicle driving fast in an area where children are playing on Ira II.

An individual was reported cutting the grass and shooting rocks at another residence on 10th Street.

Officers responded to a report of individuals stealing pallets.

May 28

Officers responded to a report of harassment on Hungerford Hill Road.

An individual refused to leave premises on Howkan Street.

During this reporting period, there were also three EMS calls, nine animal calls and nine burn permits were issued.

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