June 6, 2013 | Vol. 111, No. 23

Blind Slough Closed to Fishing

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fishing announced recently that all waters of Blind Slough, upstream of a line between Blind Point and Anchor Point, are closed to sport fishing from June 1-July 31. For the remaining marine waters of the Wrangell Narrows Terminal Harvest Area, regional king salmon regulations established by emergency order and announced April 4, 2013 remain in effect.

The Wrangell Narrows-Blind Slough terminal harvest area (THA) near Petersburg is described as the portion of Wrangell Narrows north and east of the northern tip of Woewodski Island (56° 36' N and 132° 59' W) and south of 56° 46' N. latitude, and the waters of Blind Slough upstream of a line between Blind Point and Anchor Point.

Broodstock goals at the Crystal Lake hatchery have not been achieved in the last four years, and are not expected to be met in 2013 without further restrictions. Collecting adequate broodstock us necessary for future release of king salmon in the Petersburg area. This closure in Blind Slough freshwater is needed to ensure adequate broodstock collection at the Crystal Lake Hatchery (CLH) in 2013. In addiation, conservative regional regulations will remain in effect in THA marine waters to meet the broodstock needs.

Contact the Division of Sport Fish office in Petersburg at (907) 772-5231 for information.

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