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June 14, 1913 – Mr. and Mrs. Barkdull returned last Tuesday and brought back with them a very credible certificate of their prowess as hunters in the way of a large bear pelt. In speaking of their experience, Mrs. Barkdull-for it was Mrs. Barkdull who did the killing- said that when the bear appeared on the scene and noticed the hunters, it presumably and instantly got into its head that its picture was wanted, for it immediately reared up and displayed a white spot on its breast which gave Mrs. Barkdull a clear point of attack and which, with her usual presence of mind she took advantage of, and with a steady nerve and a true aim, brought Mr. Bear down. Mrs. Barkdull laughed and added “I did not particularly care at the time for a picture, it was its hide I was after.” All that time Mr. Barkdull-brave as a knight of old- stood by his wife as a fearless protector-or, perhaps it was the other way round.

June 22, 1983 – Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub, and who do you think they be? The butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker; turn'em out, knaves all three.

Petersburg will have its own version of the nursery rhyme during the 4th of July celebration. The number of knaves in the tubs will be two or four instead of three; and they will more likely be fishermen, loggers, and cannery workers rather than butchers, bakers and candlestick-makers.

To make it even more a Petersburg original, the tubs will be fish totes borrowed from Petersburg Fisheries. John Murgas, coordinator of the event, said the totes are less stable than a canoe and should be “tippy enough to make it somewhat of a challenge,” but not enough to tip over easily.

The idea of the event started out as a joke. The power boat race, usually held during the 4th of July celebration, had not generated enough interest from the local residents in the last few years, so the committee tried to think of an alternative event. Marlyne Claytor threw out the idea of the tote race as a joke, but the idea stuck. Murgas said he thinks the event will be a success because of the nature of the event.

June 17, 1993 – In what might go down as the closest Senior League baseball season in Petersburg history, Dr. Beardslee's Angels overtook the Whitepass Dodgers in last Tuesday's Championship game.

The Dodgers and Angels ended the regular season on Monday with an Angel victory to even the season at six wins and six losses each.

The even series brought on a Championship game to decide the top team in the two team league.

The Angels held the Dodgers scoreless in the bottom of the seventh to win the Championship


With the regular season over, the next stop for the players will be in Ketchikan for the Senior League All-Star Tournament July 13-18.

June 12, 2003 – The Mural Committee of the Petersburg Arts Council has chosen a design by five Petersburg artists for the mural to be mounted on the Three Ten Enterprise building in downtown Petersburg during the first week of August this year. The installed mural will be ten feet high by forty feet wide. Untitled as yet, the artists preparing the design are Cheri Martens, Susan Christensen, Beth Flor, Pia Rielly and Polly Lee.


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