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Thank You


I would like to thank the EMTs that responded to the 911 call in May when my husband needed help because he was barely breathing and unresponsive and turning blue. I am so thankful that they responded as fast as they did. Two police officers arrived first and began CPR on him right away and they did a great job.

Police Officers Bruce Westre and Jared Popp kept my husband alive until the EMTs arrived and those few minutes were a big deal and was a huge part in saving him. Once the EMTs arrived they got right to work on my husband. They all did a great job and I don’t have enough thank you’s and there are not enough words to express how thankful my kids and I are that you all saved my

husband’s life. Because of what you all did Robert can live more days, months, and years with me, our children and his

granddaughter. Thank you so, so much to all of you. You never

realize the great work our EMTs do until you’re the person that needs help. I am so thankful for our great EMTs in Petersburg. They put in so many volunteer hours and are very well trained. Great job and many thanks to you all.

Thank you all, from:

Robert and Ramona Brooks,

Collette, Robert Jr., John Brooks, Kristin and Eric Edenso


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