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Alaska Redistricting Board invites public input


The Alaska Redistricting Board voted unanimously to solicit public input and approve a schedule to work toward the adoption of a new Hickel Plan.

During the time period of June 13 - 20, Board members and staff will hold daily work sessions at the Alaska Redistricting Office in Anchorage. The purpose of the work sessions will be to create draft Hickel Plans for the Board to consider, in accordance with the recent Superior Court directive.

Any individual, group or organization wishing to submit a proposed Hickel Plan for the Board to consider must do so no later than noon Friday, June 21. Hickel Plans are to be drawn based solely on the requirements of the Alaska Constitution and without any consideration to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, VRA.

The Board will hold public hearings in the following locations to solicit general comments and receive presentations on any third-party plans submitted prior to the Friday, June 21 deadline.

These hearings will be held in Anchorage, June 28; Fairbanks, July 1 and Juneau, July 2.

To submit a comment or proposal send information to the Alaska Redistricting Office at 411 West Fourth Avenue, Suite 302, Anchorage, AK 99501 by mail; by email and 907-269-6691 by fax or call 907-269-7402.


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