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July 5, 1913 – That it was a beautiful day, had much to do with the entire success of the celebration of the fourth, is without question, and that the citizens of Petersburg and the visitors found the day full of interest, is also without question. For that reason, the day will long be remembered.

Races of all kinds were witnessed by one of the largest gathering that the Petersburgers have ever entertained. Without ill humor on the part of any one, the races and other “stunts” were pulled off until the tug-of-war was put on then the interest grew tense and the crowd divided. It was the “Fishermen verses the Loggers,” with the odds much in favor of the fishermen's team. The men composing the latter were much heavier in appearance, but the lighter team was too quick for them and with a concerted pull of the rope at the start, anchored and held it there for five minutes, or until time was called.

June 29, 1983 – The Fisk Fountain at the Petersburg Museum has returned.

Carson Boyson, artist of the sculture-fountain, said the concrete pool of the fountain was cracked and was replaced by a smaller aluminum pool. He said the pool is about half the size of the original pool to make room for an addition to the museum. New plumbing and lights were added as well, he said.

June 24, 1993 – Robby Hulse was presented a proclamation by the mayor, as well as a letter of appreciation and money from the Loyal Order of Moose, for his “quick thinking and swift action” in saving a life.

Hulse, 15, saved a man asleep in an apartment during a kitchen fire in the Vista View Apartments on May 3.

By waking the man and leading him outside, he saved him from inhaling noxious fumes and smoke.

He said, “I didn't think I did anything special. I only did what anyone would do.”

June 26, 2003 – Frank Murkowski issues an Executive Proclamation and the Alaska State Legislature passed a resolution. The State of Alaska has proclaimed June 30-July 4, 2003, as Wild Salmon Week. Alaskans are encouraged to celebrate the state's salmon resources and participate in activities that relate to catching and eating salmon. The salmon industry is one of the state's most important economic influences, employing 29,000 people, supporting local and regional business, and providing millions in revenue to state and local government.


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