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Redistricting plans can be viewed at Borough offices


Illustration of the Southeast Alaska portion of Redistricting Option A.

The seven new redistricting plans which were developed by the Redistricting board and four plans developed by independent entities can be viewed in the office of Petersburg Borough Clerk Kathy O'Rear.

“Option A is still the preferred plan for Petersburg in Southeast,” O'Rear stated. “It meets Hickle requirements and Petersburg will have someone speak to the support of Option A at one or two of the three upcoming public hearings.”

The Federal Supreme Court determined that section four of the Voter's Rights Act is now unconstitutional as of Tuesday.

“My understanding of this ruling is redistricting will not need to take minority preference or population into consideration,” O'Rear said. “Most likely we will not be required to obtain federal pre clearance for special local elections or when we have a question on the ballot to change local voter laws.”

Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell stated in a release after the ruling that Alaska's victory over pre clearance in the Supreme Court brings decision making home on elections to Alaskans.

He continued that Alaskans have, for decades, been required to ask the U.S. Justice Department's permission for the most minor and routine changes to election forms.

“This was federal overreach far beyond what is needed to protect all of our civil rights and was an unnecessary hindrance to serving Alaskan voters across the state,” he wrote.


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