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July 12, 1913 – What to the Easterner, who holds popular idea as to the climate of Alaska, would seem like sending coals to Newcastle, is the shipments of Seattle ice cream made to the North on nearly every steamer sailing to Southeastern Alaska. That a vessel sailing to a country which is supposed to be the land of eternal ice and snow, should carry numerous tubs of delicious frozen sweets is past the understanding of persons living east of the Rocky Mountains.

The steamer Dolphin, of the Alaska Steamship Co., had an unusually large shipment of the frozen delicacy, the trade in which, despite the unjust opinion of Alaska's climate, is constantly increasing.

July 6, 1983 – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced recently that approximately 95,000 chinook salmon were taken by trollers during the May 15 through June 8 period. Department biologists had estimated that about 88,500 chinook salmon would be taken during this first summer troll season opening. The troll catch of chinook salmon in Southeastern Alaska since October 1, 1982, now totals 125,000 fish. This combined winter season and early summer season catch totals 11,500 fish more than the pre-season expected level.

The high overall catch rates during the May 15 through June 8 time period have caused concern that if catch rates continue to be high during July, the guideline harvest level of 225,500 chinook salmon set by the Board of Fisheries and North Pacific Fisheries Management Council will be met by early August. If this occurs, an extensive chinook salmon closure will be necessary.

July 8, 1993 – Fifteen feet from the ground to crown is the height of “High Pockets Gorge,” the 19-month-old baby giraffe that will be on exhibit for the first time in America along with more than 100 other rare and exotic animals when the King Royal Bros. three-ring circus brings the big show to Petersburg on July 15, at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., under the sponsorship of the Sitka Sound Softball Team, and Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department.

July 10, 2003 – In most towns, Fourth of July is synonymous with sparklers, barbecues, and Uncle Sam. Around here, people think of Ken and Sue Slavin- manning the mike for the parade, directing events, and handing out prizes.

After 28 years of almost continuous involvement, the pair announced plans to retire from running the show, though they plan to continue work on the committee.

“I'm still going to help out and there's still things I want to do- I just don't want to be responsible anymore,” said Ken.

“One reason I've ran the Fourth all these years is because I'm doing it for the citizens of Petersburg. It is the only chance I have and the Chamber of Commerce has to say thank you to the people of Petersburg and to give them a party,” Ken said.


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