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Planning and Zoning to recommend private sale of Hungry Point property


The Planning and Zoning Commission met in regular session on Tuesday and voted to recommend the sale of three, undeveloped, borough-owned lots.

The Hungry Point lots are adjacent to each other and butt-up against property currently owned by John Swanson.

Swanson appeared before the Commission with a presentation and asked for the properties to be allowed to be sold either individually, or combined.

“Over the last 25 years the trees have grown right, in line with the sun. And especially in the winter months, and in fall and spring, [the trees] block out the sun. When inquiring whether or not we could trim or thin the trees in those lots, on block 263, the city policy is ‘absolutely not’,” Swanson said. “So, it got me to thinking, if I have to buy the lots, then I’d try that.”

Swanson is interested in buying the two lots next to his property so that he could have the trees trimmed or thinned. He would also like to put a small house on two of the lots “for a family member,” he said.

The property is dense with foliage and has no improved road access or utilities.

After much discussion, the commission agreed to recommend that Swanson be allowed to purchase the two lots, with the requirement that if a neighbor does not want to purchase the third lot, then it would also be sold to Swanson.

“My idea is to make these three lots into one lot,” said Commission member Dona Malhoit Laubhan. “I wouldn’t want this one lot to be an orphan lot,” she added.

Swanson said he would talk to his neighbors to find out if they would want to purchase the other property.

Borough-owned land is not appraised, said Leo Luczak. But, the expense would be in the improvement of the property, i.e. road access, water, sewer and utilities.

With the recommendation of the Borough Assembly, the sale of the property would either go ahead as one large lot, or two sales of three lots.

A public meeting regarding the recommendation is scheduled for August 13, during the Commission’s next meeting.


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