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Ball field bathrooms damaged by firecrackers


The ball field bathrooms will be closed until further notice due to damage caused by fireworks that were set off in the bathroom, Petersburg Borough Manager Steve Giesbrecht reported to the Assembly during Monday’s meeting.

“Somebody decided that was a good way to get rid of some firecrackers and it destroyed one of the toilets ... [The firecrackers] caused a fair amount of damage,” Giesbrecht said. An estimate of how long it will take to repair the bathrooms, and how much it will cost, is in the works.

Giesbrecht also updated the Assembly on a number of other items. 

The Parks and Recreation Dept. is preparing a remodel of the fitness room. The room will be closed from July 22 to around the end of August. The room will have new workout equipment.

The Sandy Beach Shelter project is coming along with a goal of being completed sometime this fall.

Giesbrecht also announced, he is working with Harbormaster Glo Wollen and Petersburg Indian Association Tribal Administrator Bruce Jones on the possibility of the Coast Guard Auxiliary using the Harbor Security Boat to do some maneuvers.

“The boat sits a lot of the time, and we have to make sure we have a plan in place if they use it and we need it, then we can deal with that,” he said. “They’ll pay for any costs associated with that and some upgrades, actually, to the electronics on the boat. Because the Coast Guard is Homeland Security, we’ve already got permission for them to do that as long as it meets our needs.”

There are four new seine boats being added to the fleet this summer: Aaron Severson with the F/V Mariah Dawn, Chris Buschmann with the F/V St. Theresa, Derek Thynes with the F/V Maya T., and Eric Rosvold, Mike Neunecker and Kyle Franklin with the F/V Adamant.

The Borough Finance Department is working on rewriting or editing ordinances regarding Property Development Fund, Solicitors and Itinerant Merchants, Finance Department, Property Tax, and Banking and Investments.

Also, there is a Borough Property sheet available at the Finance Office and on the Borough web site to help collect information, voluntarily, from property owners outside the service area. Updated contact information related to each parcel will help make assessments as accurate as possible.

The Library will close the doors on the current location in the Municipal building on Friday, July 26 in preparation for the move to the new facility. The library will host a “Closing Party,” with root beer floats. More details will be announced soon.

Also, library card holders are encouraged to check out any items before the library moves. No late fees will be assessed during the few weeks that the library will be closed, he said.

Community Development is working on applications for a Renewable Energy Fund Grant. “This is one that we’ve gotten before, and we used it to do some weatherization at the Harbor Shack, Scow Bay Fire Hall... several other buildings.” Giesbrecht said. “We are willing to give it a shot, and get the heating system upgraded at the Harbor [office], which is desperately needed.”

The application to acquire property from Mental Health and the State of Alaska for property adjacent to Papke’s Dock has been filed.

The Clausen Museum retaining wall and site preparation project has been progressing well. The retaining wall and rock fill are finished. A few items remain, and there is also a charge order for possible concrete fill in some parking areas.

The Water Treatment Plant upgrades contractor, ASRC McGraw, has achieved substantial completion of the project, and the plant is fully operational, he said.

There was a large treated water leak on July 8, resulting from a water main rupture out in the muskeg. The Borough water tank level kept dropping. The leak was isolated and fixed and no customers lost service.

“It was in an area that we had gone through several times, and didn’t spot it. When it stopped raining long enough, they saw water moving in an area that it shouldn’t be moving in, and they were able to nail it down,” he said.

The Commingled Recycling Trial ended last Wednesday, the results will be compiled and analyzed, Giesbrecht advised the Assembly.


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