July 18, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 29

Borough approves gym floor refinish, centennial sculpture and park expansion

The Borough Assembly voted to award the gymnasium floor refinishing contract to Alaskan Industries based on a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Dept.

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Suzanne Ashe
Petersburg High School student PK Bunyi was given a certificate of recognition on Monday by Acting Mayor Sue Flint and the rest of the Assembly. Bunyi worked to create a program for a carving router that would depict the Borough\'s new boat logo. The plaque is on permanent display in Assembly Chambers. “It took a long time to try to turn the logo into a bit map so the program could turn it into a tool path, maybe a quarter of the school year. We gave up on the program, and got a new one, it took literally a few minutes [to carve],” said 17-year-old Bunyi, who is heading into his senior year this fall. “PK made the sign in shop class using new design equipment furnished by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service,” Flint said. “This coming school year the shop class will be making several non-wood signs for the Borough and Forest Service using the new equipment. The Borough paid for the yellow cedar used for the sign and made a donation to the shop class.”

Alaskan Industries is the company that has worked on the floor for the last 15 years,...

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