July 18, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 29

Borough approves gym floor refinish, centennial sculpture and park expansion

The Borough Assembly voted to award the gymnasium floor refinishing contract to Alaskan Industries based on a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Dept.

Suzanne Ashe
Petersburg High School student PK Bunyi was given a certificate of recognition on Monday by Acting Mayor Sue Flint and the rest of the Assembly. Bunyi worked to create a program for a carving router that would depict the Borough\'s new boat logo. The plaque is on permanent display in Assembly Chambers. “It took a long time to try to turn the logo into a bit map so the program could turn it into a tool path, maybe a quarter of the school year. We gave up on the program, and got a new one, it took literally a few minutes [to carve],” said 17-year-old Bunyi, who is heading into his senior year this fall. “PK made the sign in shop class using new design equipment furnished by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service,” Flint said. “This coming school year the shop class will be making several non-wood signs for the Borough and Forest Service using the new equipment. The Borough paid for the yellow cedar used for the sign and made a donation to the shop class.”

Alaskan Industries is the company that has worked on the floor for the last 15 years, said Parks and Recreation Director Donn Hayes.

The cost for the floor refinishing will be $32,400, or $35,900 with the Petersburg branded logo installed in the middle of the gymnasium floor. Part of the funding, $13,000, has been provided by a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.

The vote was 5 to 1, with Assemblywoman Cindi Lagoudakis voting no.

A proposal for the structural and mechanical analysis of the Reid Marine Warehouse and the Municipal building was opened June 27. The review committee recommended, and the assembly approved, the proposal from MRV Architects. The contract calls for two phases. Structural analysis for $12,657 as phase 1 and mechanical analysis for $12,800 as phase 2.

The Borough heard from Petersburg Arts Council President Suzanne Ashe regarding the Buschmann Park and Centennial Expansion and Sculpture project.

On March 8, 2010, the Petersburg City Council dedicated about 972 square feet of municipal property (a section of the parking lot behind the Courthouse building) to be used for the expansion of the park. Local artist Eric Larson has created a sculpture entitled, “It all started with a dream...” It includes a boy contemplating, as he waits for a fish to bite his fishing line. The sculpture will also have a water feature. The sculpture will be completed and ready to install next year.

Site preparation has begun on the project with the removal of a portion of the fence behind Buschmann Park. A retaining wall will be constructed by the Petersburg Indian Association work crew, with time and supplies donated. The Arts Council will absorb the cost of electrical wire installation to power the pump. The Borough has given, through the Transient Room Tax Committee, $17,805 toward the project.

In revisited Borough business, the Assembly approved an ordinance updating the current language to reflect Borough incorporation; and providing for the harbors located in Service Area 1, the limiting of fish cleaning to designated cleaning stations and prohibiting the disposal of fish or animal waste and parts. This was the second reading for this ordinance.

The Borough also approved an ordinance updating current language to Chapter 4.04 - entitled “Purchasing,” to reflect Borough incorporation and to provide uniformity between code and the Borough’s Standard Specification Manual. This was the second reading for this ordinance.

In new business, the Assembly approved a resolution requesting fiscal year 2014 payment in lieu of taxes funding from the Department of Commerce and Economic Development. “This should be the last resolution that will need to to be passed to obtain our annual funding. Now that Petersburg is a borough, federal funding will come direct to the Borough without passing through the State,” Acting Mayor Sue Flint said.

The Borough also approved an interim contract with the Petersburg Indian Association for community recycling. The Public Works Department requested to enter into an interim contract with PIA because of increased costs, loss of grant funding and a probable change in the near future to the Borough’s recycling program.

“The commingle trial went very well,” Public Works Director  Karl Hagerman said, adding that if the program continues, and if changes to the program are made, there would have to be a Request for Proposals (RFP) sent out by the Borough. The program will be reevaluated next spring.  

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