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July 26, 1913 – Strange things happen these days, even in Alaska. For instance: we all have heard of the man who catches the “bug,” or in other words, gets “buggy” on something. Of course there are different kinds of bugs. The “potlach bug” we heard infesting Seattle lately, was thought to have been the latest discovery in “bugdom,” but that is a mistake. The latest, as far as we know, is the “fishing bug.”

Strange things never happen singly but in pairs. So in this instance, the other strange thing in connection with this “fishing bug” is that it has affected two most reputable citizens of our town, men of unquestionable character, quiet sort of men and all that. Yet, and with all this, just as sure as anything, a banker and a government official not far from here, are hopelessly affected, and as the relator said, “They've got it bad.”-the fishing bug, poor chaps.

July 20, 1983 – Petersburg firemen held a practice session last Thursday night at the former Royal Duval property along Wrangell Narrows. They practiced entering a burning structure to extinguish a fire, that was in this case, intentionally started.

July 15, 1993 – Danger from a potential water shortage, a threat to salmon survival, and growing danger of forest fires had government officials in Petersburg this week reviewing what action they might have to take if it doesn't rain soon.

Some people have speculated that such a standstill in the weather is something that happens only every 500 years, but that is sheer guesswork since weather records haven't been kept that long.

A National Weather Service official said Petersburg has had an “unusually dry period.”

July 17, 2003 – Ten unmarked panels were waiting this week in the Community Gym's activity room for the mural painting project to begin. The mural, to be located on the side of the Three Ten enterprise building, will be painted by volunteers. Polly Lee of the Mural Committee says painting should begin during the week of August 1.


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