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Tonka facts

To the Editor:

U.S.D.A. Forest Service has led the public to believe pre-commercial thinning (PCT) creates wildlife habitat but conversely PCT promotes nothing of extended value but potential timber harvesting opportunities.

For the Tonka Timber Sale the U.S. Forest Service never cites Cole etal. (2011) which was an agency research project that demonstrated the main positive effects of pre-commercial thinning (PCT) are short lived, about 7 years, which includes the time needed to collapse the slash enabling deer access to food. Instead of stopping research at 7 years post-thinning, they should continue for at least 10-15 years; that would likely show that the understory biomass declines to un-thinned stem-exclusion levels despite the thinning.

Many previously harvested acres are returned to an available timber base (thinning or not) thus creating a false amount of inventoried wildlife habitat.

U.S.F.S, Petersburg Ranger District- 5 year thinning plan involves 6535 acres of PCT district-wide with only 213 acres of Tonka as potential wildlife and fisheries enhancement which are just 7% of that devoted to timber production within the Tonka area.

Once again the U.S.F.S. is administering our forest resources with a known lack of information and a disparity amongst resources which I brought to public attention in a letter to the editor in the Petersburg Pilot dated 7-4-13.

David B. Randrup


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