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August 9, 1913 – Estes Park, Colo.-“Sunbeam,” a pet speckled trout in the fish hatchery, has just recovered from an illness caused by stomach trouble or rheumatism and is again able to be around.

The fish is three years old and about eleven inches long, and is as good an example of gentle and loving trouthood as it is possible to find. Fed from the hand from the time he was hatched, he feels insulted now unless his food is given to him that way. He is very fond of being stroked and will swim around and rub against a person's hand whenever he gets a chance.

August 17, 1983 – The City will be looking into a deep water port facility as requested by Mitkof Lumber Co.

Representatives from Mitkof Lumber first appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission Aug. 10 and then the City Council Monday night to help get a deep water port for Petersburg.

Mitkof Lumber has been talking about moving out of Petersburg to a community with a deep water port. They said the cost of barging lumber to Wrangell's port is economically unfeasible. They have not decided to move out of Petersburg, but have not decided to stay yet either.

The port would also be used by tourist ships, and other industrial and commercial users.

August 19, 1993 – What looked last week like a slump in the return of pink salmon turned into a strong surge of “hard hitting” fish in Southeast Alaska this week.

Catches in District 1-through-4 in the Ketchikan area were described as “unbelievable” by Doug Mecum of Juneau, regional finfish coordinator for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

About 130 boats off the coast of Prince of Wales Island were expected to land more than 20,000 fish per boat during a two-day opener ending last night, he said.

Mecum said his agency was concerned about two weeks ago, because “we weren't getting escapements in the south. Our big concern was District 3 (Prince of Wales Island).”

With 6.2 million pinks taken in Southeast during the Aug. 13-14 opener, Mecum said he expected “7 million this opening. That's over 13 million in two openings.”

With such returns, he said ADF&G is looking again at a possible seasonal return in Southeast this year of 45 to 52 million fish.

He said, “The run us about a week late –and large.”

“I've never seen this good fishing this late in the season,” he added.

August 21, 2003 – It's been a long migration for the Petersburg Marine Mammal Center but a feeding and birthing ground for knowledge has finally been found. With the unveiling of a black metal-sculpted whale sign in a rented back room space at Viking Travel, the PMMC has found a secure foot-and-flipper-hold in the community to serve as their educational and information center.

The PMMC has been in this location for just over a month and operates on three local grants (Alaska Conservation Foundation), memberships, and donations. Donations have come in other areas as well.

Interesting interactive segments on the computer allow users to view whale feeding techniques, showing food sources and maneuvers, as well as a whale identity catalog.


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