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Four way stop on Ira II

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of two four ways stops on Ira II St., one at 4th & Ira II and the other at 6th & Ira II.

My daughter and her family reside at 605 Ira II St. one block above the Borough owned 5th St. Playground. I am concerned about the safety of their children and others in their neighborhood due to heavy traffic on Ira II St. Ira II is a gravel road with no sidewalks that parallels Haugen from 2nd to 8th street. Haugen is a three lane paved road with a sidewalk on each side.

There are no stop signs on the entire length of Ira II. It is heavily used by the many people living in the apartments, trailers and houses located just off of Ira II. In fact one can drive ten blocks from the City shop to the corner of Haugen and 8th without a single stop. If you look at the Borough’s aerial map of Petersburg you can see that there are a lot of houses, trailers and apartments in this neighborhood. The 5th street playground is located on the vacated 5th St. right of way between 4th & 6th St. of Ira II. This is an important safety issue for the playground.

We are requesting two four way stops be added to Ira II, one at 4th & Ira II and other at 6th & Ira II. This would slow the traffic down considerably and most importantly encourage more drivers to choose Haugen Drive when going to the post office, airport, etc. With the opening of the new library there will be traffic exiting the library parking lot and we want to encourage them to use Haugen to reach their other destinations. Stop signs will increase safety along Ira II, particularly near the 5th street playground.

My daughter gave a letter requesting these two four way stops to Chief Agner on May 14th. This turned out to be the day they had just canceled the Public Safety Advisory Board meeting for May. He assured us that the letter would be presented to the Advisory Board at their June meeting. Because of his retirement that meeting was also canceled. My daughter, Mary Midkiff, and I were planning to attend the July Advisory Board meeting to speak in favor of adding two four way stops to Ira II. Unfortunately we departed Petersburg the day of the meeting for a long planned two week vacation. The Advisory Board chose to seek public opinion prior to making a decision on this important safety issue.

The intent of this letter is to help people understand why they are being asked to consider adding two four way stops to Ira II and to ask for your positive support.

Jean Ellis

We loved

your town

To the Editor:

My husband and I were visiting your town on July 25. We were waiting on our ship's shuttle (we didn't read the part about his lunch break) for an hour and a half. I was already too tired to walk back into town, when a nice man in a black Stikine Services truck offered to give us a ride into town from the docks. He also recommended a great place for lunch - Coastal Cold Storage. It was great and the cute fisherman talked me into trying the halibut "that he caught". At the drugstore, the cute teenager fixed my broken glasses and wouldn't let me pay her anything.

We loved your town - so many friendly people willing to lend a hand. We tracked down the shuttle driver and he drove us by your new library on the way back to the ship. Thank you so much Petersburg for making our visit so nice - our memories are much better than shopping for souvenirs (although we did that too.)

Blake and Elizabeth Forbes

Albuquerque, N.M.


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