August 22, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 34

Home and Garden Edition, 2013

The eye of the designer: Thirty years of home design and construction in Petersburg with Dieter Klose

Designer-builder, sailor, skier and mountain climber, Dieter Klose, has best left his mark on Petersburg in the form of distinctive architecture.

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Suzanne Ashe / For Petersburg Pilot
Dieter Klose

From the cantilevered Troll Bridge of Sandy Beach Park to the numerous homes, businesses, and even a church, Klose uses his expertise in building, his passion for natural landscape and an eye for detail, to make the most of each building he creates.

To understand Klose’s designs, it’s best to look back at the architectural inspiration of the community -- Norwegian design.

While rows of fishermens’ cottages and boathouses may offer visual h...

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