August 22, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 34

Planning and Zoning to resolve long standing zoning citation

The Petersburg Planning Commission is writing a letter urging Richard Burrell to remove commercial and storage items from his residential property.

During its August 13 meeting, the commission discussed how to handle Burrell’s zoning violation—an issue that hasn’t been resolved for more than a year.

Joe Bertagnoli, Community Development Maintenance Foreman, said one day several things will move out and then a month later several more things move in to take their place.

“It’s just kind of a holding pen for rotating stock. I want a firm plan for when and how to vacate that lot because it is a residential lot,” he said.

Commission chair Susan Thomason said residents may store commercial fishing gear on their residential lot “within reason” if they reside there.

But Burrell doesn’t live on the lot where he is storing items.

Property owners nearby were expected to attend the August 13 meeting to discuss the issue but no one showed up.

In the end, commission member Dave Kensinger made a motion to draft a letter to Burrell.

“I suggest we send another letter to Richard Burrell requesting that he complies with the use of this property or we’ll have to take other action,” Kensinger said.

All members of the commission agreed and a letter will be drafted. No specific action was recommended should Burrell not comply with the borough.

Burrell said he plans on attending the next meeting to discuss the issue with the commission.

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