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Supports Public Safety Advisory Board

To the Editor:

I attended the Public Safety Advisory Board meeting August 21. The agenda included the two questions that were sent out with our utility bills, concerning the speed limit on Sandy Beach and additional stop signs on Ira II St. There were about 12 people in the audience, and there was relaxed interaction between the board and the audience. The results of the survey were tallied, and each person had a chance to speak. I felt that I was listened to with respect and my opinions were thoughtfully considered. No matter which way the vote went, I would have been satisfied that democracy had worked for me on my level.

Personally, I am too intimidated by the Borough Assembly. I do not want to stand at a podium with a microphone in my face and speak to the Assembly men and women who are seated behind an elevated desk. That is a frightening prospect to me, so I was glad that there was an informal advisory board to hear my concerns.

I am very happy with my experience at the Public Safety Advisory Board meeting. In the future if I have any other concerns, I will seek out an advisory board as a gateway to the Borough Assembly. Many small neighborhood issues can be heard by an advisory board, which saves time for the Assembly.

For these reasons, I have written to the Borough Manager, the Mayor, and all of the Assembly members in support of continuing the Public Safety Advisory Board.

Alice Grant

Fallen heroes

To the Editor:

I was recently informed that the borough is considering funding a memorial for volunteer firemen and others who worked on behalf of the old City of Petersburg. I think honoring those who have served is admirable but would have problems with public funding for venerating them simply because they served or were nice people. Normally, the type of memorial being talked about is set up to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty, not merely served.

Such a publicly funded memorial as being proposed should be reserved for those who fall in the line of duty. To do less is to water down the respect and honor we are trying to show by erecting such a monument. It would bring such recognition down to the level of getting a brick or tile placed in your honor because you donated money.

A plaque erected and displayed inside the fire station honoring those volunteers who served would be entirely appropriate if paid for by the volunteers themselves. Such an honor would be relevant and much more meaningful if it were created by their peers.

I would be in favor of borough funding to memorialize heroes who die in service to our borough.

George Cole

Credit where due

To the Editor:

Thank you for including my new home last week in the Home and Garden Edition. It was a very good article and well done.

However, I noticed that my contractor was not mentioned anywhere in the article and felt credit should be given where credit is due. Gary Aulbach owner of Alpine Construction was more than instrumental in me being able to obtain my new home. He was there from the dream-work to the groundwork, piling layout, and all the construction work, to the very last nail. His crew was fantastic and every day was a pleasure to go see what they had gotten done that day. Gary has been in business for nearly 30 years and has built many fine homes in Petersburg. The sub-contractors were also local and did a great job. Sig and crew did groundwork, pilings and rockwork. Darby did the electrical, Stanley the taping and mudding, and Bryce laid the tile and carpet. All this coming together was through the hard work of Gary and it made the building experience an enjoyable one. We are lucky to have many fine contractors in this town.

I felt the article would not be complete without adding this information.

Rexanne Stafford

Photography appreciated

To the Editor:

I wanted to tell you how much a resident of the lower 48 appreciates the beautiful photography in your newspaper.

My cousin's daughter lives in Petersburg and has provided her father with a subscription to the Petersburg Pilot for years. When he finishes with the paper it always comes to my house to be enjoyed again. The articles are informative and the pictures are a delight.

Thanks for doing such a great job.

Janis Moore

Lebanon, Ore.


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