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Police reports


August 21

A caller reported that an individual was acting unusual in the borough parking lot.

A caller called concerned about an individual’s behavior.

An officer responded to a fight.

A caller reported an individual acting peculiar.

An individual urinating in public was reported.

August 22

An officer was notified about an intoxicated individual.

A caller reported an earthquake.

A caller reported graffiti on a wall at Eagle’s Roost Park.

August 23

An officer reported a fight outside of Kito’s Kave.

A caller reported possible illegal activity amongst a group of people at Eagle’s Roost Park.

A caller spoke with an officer concerning an individual engaging in threatening behavior. Protective order served to Victor Sanchez-Farfan, 55.

Information was provided about an upcoming party on Nordic Drive.

August 24

Officers responded to individuals receiving threats.

Concern for individual’s welfare reported.

A caller reported their vehicle had been keyed.

A caller reported two vehicles behind the airport on access road.

A bicyclist reported being clipped by a car on North Nordic Drive and the driver didn’t stop.

A caller reported youths throwing rocks at a building on North Nordic Drive.

August 25

Officers made contact with juveniles out past curfew.

A caller reported a bird hitting a power line causing a power outage.

A shoplifter was reported.

A caller reported intoxicated adult males urinating in public.

An officer found a tree root fire.

A caller reported a bike being taken from parking lot near Crane Dock.

An officer responded to a fight in the street at South 3rd Street.

Officer responded to two calls about a dog barking inside a locked truck.

August 26

An officer responded to request of assistance for a person refusing to leave a location near Chief John Lott.

Officer responded to noisy patrons at bar on North Nordic Drive.

A caller reported employees drinking and being loud on Chief John Lott.

A caller reported a missing person. Individual was located.

A hit and run was reported on Hammer Slough.

A caller reported a second hand report of a pack of 20 dogs running loose in an area near Lumber Street.

Three adult males smoking marijuana were reported on 1st and Dolphin Street.

A caller reported vandalism on 2nd and Haugen Street.

A caller reported a damaged door due to a possible break-in attempt.

An officer responded to a report of individuals passing around a pipe. Individuals were found to be smoking cigarettes.

Two callers reported juveniles hanging out in front of bar on North Nordic Drive.

August 27

An officer responded to individuals who were refusing to leave bar on Chief John Lott.

A caller reported he hit a fawn 7 miles out the road on Mitkof Highway.

A caller reported an abandoned bicycle behind Viking Travel.

A caller requested assistance with a terminated employee who refused to leave property on North Nordic Drive.

Officers spoke with parties involved in an accident in the Post Office parking lot.

An officer responded to a requested house check.

Officer transported a falling down, intoxicated individual to the hospital.

During this reporting period, there were two dog calls, EMS was called out four times and four burn permits were issued.


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