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Police reports


September 18

An officer assisted a person lost on the road.

A caller requested an officer contact people to stop harassment.

Citation issued to Robert Gerdes, 71, for passing in a no passing zone.

September 19

A caller reported noise that occurred in the early morning hours.

A caller reported attempted fraud.

Police were notified of speeding trucks hauling dredge material along Mitkof Highway.

Officers responded to report of hearing fireworks.

September 20

A caller reported sound of a gun shot downtown at 1:23 a.m.

Police were notifiedof individuals making threatening remarks.

A caller reported concerns that painted crosswalks are more slippery in the rain than surrounding pavement and witnessed a law abiding bicyclist wipe out on the crosswalk when turning a corner.

September 21

A caller reported an individual yelling and crying.

A fight was reported on Chief John Lott St.

A caller reported a vehicle with its tail light out.

A caller reported a vehicle all over the road on Haugen Drive.

An officer responded to report of youths trying to take a sign post down.

September 22

A caller reported an individual refusing to leave location on Chief John Lott St.

Officers arrest David Estes, 23, on charges of Violating Conditions of Release.

A caller reported a person yelling and screaming on the street.

An officer was notified of a person yelling, screaming and throwing personal items.

A caller reported a party at Eagle’s Roost Park.

Police were notified of someone picking on an individual.

A caller reported being assaulted.

September 23

Officers responded to a noise complaint.

A caller reported a vehicle parked at location for last three days on Lumber Street.

A caller reported gas siphoned from vehicle.

A caller reported a protective order violation.

An officer responded to a request for assistance for an individual refusing to leave.

September 24

A caller reported unusual behavior.

An officer responded to report of break in and stolen food and cigarettes.

Wacy C Coil, 21, checked in to serve time for DUI charges.

During this reporting period there were four dog complaints, EMS was called out and six burn permits were issued.


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