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Hammer &Wikan expands products, adds more organics


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

Items like Aloe Vera leaves, plantains and coconuts are some of the new items Hammer and Wikan is offering.

Hammer & Wikan Grocery is expanding their produce, meat and freezer sections as its new freezer and refrigeration project is nearly complete.

Hammer & Wikan CEO Larry Martin said his store is tripling its organic produce products. The produce section already has around 100 new items in stock.

“Industry standards are moving towards natural and organic and gluten free,” Martin said. “We are trying to carry as much of that as possible.”

The meat, dairy and frozen foods section is also expanding.

Martin said the project is estimated to cost more than $500,000. He said the new equipment will save on maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption by around 35 percent—savings that should pay for the project within four to five years.


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