October 3, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 40

Police reports

September 25

A caller reported an individual walking down the middle of the road.

An officer responded to a report of an individual being loud, yelling and singing at location.

A caller reported loud music, yelling and drinking. An officer spoke with individuals who said they would quiet down. An officer responded to second complaint and everyone was leaving.

A caller reported a theft.

September 26

A caller reported a bike lying in the bushes.

An officer responded to a report of a truck passing vehicles and going over the speed limit on Libby Straights. Vehicle was driving the speed limit when officer observed later.

A caller reported an unknown individual on a neighbor’s porch who moved on when told to.

Officers patrolled an area where a loud, belligerent and yelling person was walking.

September 27

A caller reported a possible DUI.

A caller reported two deer had been hit.

September 28

A caller reported a vehicle parked at a location for long periods of time throughout the day.

September 29

Officers found a party on Twin Creek Road. Party dispersed and parents were notified.

A caller reported an individual they wanted escorted off premises.

Jerry Bradford, 65, was arrested on charges of violation of a protective order.

September 30

A caller was worried about their boat.

An officer responded to a report of a vehicle with five children in the back seat with concerns the kids weren’t buckled up.

A caller reported a strange encounter with an individual.

A caller reported a strange encounter and property left behind.

October 1

A caller reported an individual acting strangely.

A caller reported concern for an individual’s conduct.

A stolen computer was reported.

An officer was notified of youths teasing an individual in a business.

A caller reported money lent to an individual has not been repaid. The caller was directed to court for small claims.

A caller reported a guy walking up and down the street yelling and carrying on and caller would like him to quiet down.

During this reporting period there were three burn permits, five animal calls and three EMS dispatches.

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