October 10, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 41

Borough Manager's report to the assembly

The Borough Manager reported to the assembly last Monday that Mountain View Manor received a 100 percent score on the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation inspection and there continues to be a waiting list at both Elderly Housing and Assisted Living.

He congratulated Scott Newman who has taken over as the PMP&L Line Foreman.

An annual street light survey is underway. Citizens are asked to report any streetlights that are not working.

The borough is working on a draft RFP for the Borough Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development and Harbor Development Plans.

The borough’s auditor is working on finalizing its report. The borough is currently waiting to complete the hospital and school so the appropriate information can be included in the borough’s report.

The assessor remains in town inspecting properties throughout the borough. They expect to have all physical inspections completed within a week.

The Sandy Beach Shelter project continues to progress with the large base logs completed. The side logs and roof construction will take place through the fall.

Three police officers completed Breath Testing Recertification. Officers Alice Williams and Angel Worhatch attended Post Suicide Intervention training with Petersburg Mental Health.

The borough manager met with Corey Wall of MRV Architects to begin the process of analyzing whether the existing space in the municipal complex can be remodeled to meet borough’s needs.

The police department received 509 calls for service in September.

The scrap metal removal contractor has begun work. Rock-N-Road is ready to mobilize to the landfill once the metal is removed. The borough manager reminded the public that during the scrap metal removal, landfill work and dredge hauling, there will be no salvaging at the landfill allowed. In addition, the Airport Bypass Road, Waterline Road and Reservoir Road past the landfill will be closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic for the next seven weeks.

ADOT will install a crosswalk at 2nd and Haugen as part of the Haugen drive rehabilitation project scheduled for 2015.

The landfill facility received a 94 percent score on the facility inspection. Congratulations went out to Andy Edfelt and the sanitation crew for the excellent score.

The landfill slope project is reacting to the poor condition of the North Harbor dredge spoils. The containment berm is mostly completed but it is requiring ongoing monitoring and analysis. The borough manager said they have serious concerns on the final cost of the project, and what it will take to get the landfill back in effective operation after the hauling project is completed.

The Middle and South Harbors continue to stay busy dealing with the end of the salmon season and the beginning of crab and shrimp season. The harbor staff has been able to keep up with vessels looking for winter moorage as the summer users begin to pull out.

The Junior Fire Fighting program began September 30 with eight participants.

Fire Prevention Week is October 6-12. Many volunteers will be doing the Learn Not to Burn program for K-5 kids this week. It is also a good time for everyone in town to check their smoke detectors and change out batteries.

Fire Chief Welde and Sandy Dixson visited the fish processing plants on October 1 with members of the Southeast Alaska HazMat Response teams. In a couple of weeks some members of their team will return to Petersburg to provide some training for the volunteers. The goal is to better prepare everyone in the event of a large ammonia release or other HazMat type event.

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