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Erosion on City Creek Dam forces repairs


The public works department made an emergency repair to City Creek Dam after a safety inspection revealed erosion to a joint on the spillway.

Karl Hagerman, Public Works Director, said the repair to the borough’s backup dam consisted of packing an eroded joint with grout.

“This emergency repair to fix the joint is a band aid,” Hagerman said.

Ultimately, Hagerman said, the entire spillway will need to be resurfaced and added, “small problems turn into big problems on dams.”

For now the dam is working as intended and won’t fail anytime soon.

Although the state hasn’t mandated a permanent repair, Hagerman said he knows direction from Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources Dam Safety Program is coming.

The borough’s capital projects list, a list of project priorities the borough uses to receive state funding, was recently sent to the governor but will now likely change.

Hagerman said he doesn’t know where it will fall on the list and at this point there is no cost estimate for a repair.

“Even if the City Creek Dam was out of commission the community would be in fine shape for water supply,” Hagerman said.

The borough’s primary source of water comes from the Cabin Creek Dam, which passed inspection.


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