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October 11, 1913 – Those of us who wish to keep up with the style of new dances, had better take notice of the latest.

This dance which is called “The Mustard Flutter” is the simplest affair. The man holds his partner as he likes and flutters around the ballroom with her with mincing step and sinuous movements of the upper part of the body, the legs being kept rigid with the chest protruding as in the “bunny hug”. It is claimed for this that it will soon displace the tango in popularity.

October 19, 1983 – Measuring glacier movement is slower than measuring changes in a cheating dieter's spare tire, but Friday, Petersburg High School students began a LeConte Glacier survey effort.

The students discovered the glacier is 4,610 feet wide near its mouth.

Benitz said ice has receded on the north side while it has advanced on the south side. Bowen called it a 400-foot change, but could only speculate the reason. It almost appears as though the glacier has shifted, he said.

October 14, 1993 – Hiking and camping experiences will improve if projects proposed by the Petersburg Ranger District are completed.

The District has announced plans to rebuild trails to Kah Sheets Lake, Petersburg Lake, and Blind River Rapids. The Kah Sheets Lake trail project would also include side spurs to two fishing holes, and the Blind River Rapids trail would be widened, extended and expanded with a small amphitheater.

October 9, 2003 – Orca Rider surged through the rain and mist on Saturday afternoon to capture first place in the Annual Humpy 500 Go-Cart derby down PFI hill with a time of 22.65 seconds.

The race results victory netted Orca Rider, driven by Daniel Cardenes, a first place trophy and a $200 gift certificate/check. Cardenes' pit crew were Michael Carr and Tyler Wallace.

Golden King Salmon, driven by Austin Roberts, harvested the second place trophy and $150 with a time of 23.15 seconds.

Team Lobster, driven by Alex Heston-Tigner, simmered in third place with a time of 23.32 seconds.


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