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Dryer dredge material holds up on slopes


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

A view from the ongoing dredge operation in and around Petersburg’s North Harbor.

The dredge material coming from areas near Icicle and Ocean Beauty Seafoods is dryer and more in line with what the borough was expecting.

The material, originally meant for use as scrap metal capping at the landfill, was too slurry for the application forcing borough officials to create a rock berm to contain the watery dredge spoils.

Karl Hagerman, Public Works Director, said the new material is holding up well on slopes.

“Both materials are helping the situation at the landfill and are much better to deal with than the fluid material that came from the North Harbor basin,” Hagerman said. “The site is getting closer to what we had envisioned with the project and the contractors are doing as much as they can to meet the intent of the contract.”

S&S General Contractors and local company Rock-N-Road have been working with the project.

Borough Manager Steve Giesbrecht announced October 7 during the last borough meeting that there was a concern about going over budget on the project due to the watery dredge spoils.

“If they (contractors) think it’s going to keep needing more work we’ll have to stop, and go before the assembly for approval to continue,” Giesbrecht said.

Hagerman said the overall cost of the project is still in flux. The budget is $693,000. Rock-N -Road’s contract is worth $479,000 and the engineering costs are around $90,000, leaving just more than $120,000 in contingency funds.

The borough hasn’t received a bill yet for the rock hauling and berm construction so it’s not fully known if the project will be over budget.

Hagerman is attempting to receive “some sort of relief” from the US Army Corp of Engineers. The Corp analyzed the dredge material and found levels of heavy metal in the dredge spoils too high to dispose of in the ocean.


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