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School board receives positive audit review


An auditing company presented their financial report to the Petersburg School Board Tuesday evening and congratulated the district on reining in its expenses.

The school district’s revenue over expenses was $153,000 in total. It also increased its general fund balance by more than $100,000 from last year.

Eric Campbell with BDO gave the presentation. When he went over the student activity fund budget Campbell said there were more student activity funds than he’s ever seen.

“Every student in Petersburg has an activity fund,” Campbell joked. “It’s not wrong, I think you’re just making more work for yourself than you need too.”

He recommended budget makers consolidate funds to make it easier on them.

PSD, during the past ten years, has gone from $5.5 million to $8 million in revenues.

“I think you guys have done a great job over the last five years or so reining in your expenses and monitoring your budget and really sticking to your budget,” Campbell said.

Campbell said food services expenses went up this year because the district has been purchasing healthier but more expensive foods.

“As long as you are monitoring your budget the way you are, you can afford to provide good meals for the kids and subsidize it,” Campbell said. “If that budget goes away you’ll be back to chicken nuggets and French fries.”

The school board approved the audit unanimously.

It also nominated and elected officers and each member has retained their position.

Jean Ellis is board president, Sarah Holmgrain is vice president and Cheryl File is secretary/treasurer.


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