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The Viking Travel employees costumed as their boss for Halloween ten years ago.

October 25, 1913 – The residents of this town are fond of amusement. That being so, they are willing to pay for any kind of evening entertainment. Having that in mind, Mr. Oscar Nickleson is working overtime to prepare a place where the residents may go and find comfort as well as amusement.

The place between the pool room and drug store is being fitted up nicely and unless the unforeseen happens, a picture show will be opened the latter part of next week. Mr. Nickleson still retains the lease for the skating rink which has also been fixed up for the comfort of the patrons.

The above together with the capacious dancing hall of the Sons of Norway, the pleasure loving public will not be wanting for an evening meeting place this coming winter.

October 27, 1983 – The moose season this year was the best since the 1950's according to Fish and Game Biologist Butch Young.

One Petersburg man, Kirt Marsh, brought in the best moose the biologist has seen in seven years. The seven year old bull had a 49 inch rack spread.

Young attributes the excellent season to an early leaf drop caused by the early frost. Visibility increases once the leaves drop from the trees, especially on the Stikine, he said.

November 4, 1993 – David “Dave” Spodobalski, personnel and safety manager for Petersburg Fisheries, won the first annual Canned Salmon Classic, it was announced Saturday.

Guessing that three canneries in Petersburg would pack 34,889,425 cans with salmon from the 1993 fishing season, Spodobalski was awarded the $2,500 top prize by the Chamber of Commerce.

Second place winner, with a $500 prize, was William Bergmann, area management finfish biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. His guess was 34,940,723.

The actual number of cans packed in Petersburg this season were 34,912,008, according to Kim Aulbach, chamber secretary.

November 13, 2003 – Viking Travel employees scared customers on Halloween when they dressed as boss “Dave.” Clockwise from top left are Wendy Hammer (Tropical Dave), Erica Thompson (Pyro Dave), Pam Duvall (Desk Dave), Nancy Berg (Fireman Dave), and Dave Berg (boss Dave). Dave holds Karen Malcom's costume Where's Waldo Dave, as she was on vacation.


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