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Wildlife trooper requests information on unsalvaged buck


Alaska Wildlife Trooper Cody Litster is looking for information from the public on an unsalvaged deer found around 20 yards off the road near Woodpecker Road.

A concerned hunter reported the animal to Litster. The Trooper said the deer appears to have been shot and left to die without harvesting any meat from the animal.

“This was a fairly nice buck and it was senselessly wasted,” Lister said. “This one is an absolute loss.”

Litster said hunters sometimes shoot a deer and it runs away and is unable to be tracked.

“Those instances are very rare and I’m not sure that’s the case here,” Litster said.

Litster has asked that anyone with information regarding the buck call him at 772-3983 or if one wishes to remain anonymous they can call 1-800-478-3377.


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