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Assembly meeting wrap-up


The Petersburg Borough Assembly voted 6-1 to retain the library advisory board.

Advisory boards currently meet to discuss potential issues or programs with borough department heads and then bring those recommendations to the assembly as issues arise.

The assembly has been systematically reviewing advisory boards during the past several months and has let several dissolve. Some criticisms of the boards are that there are often not enough members present to form a quorum or, depending on the board, that there isn’t enough turnover to keep ideas fresh.

Along with the library board, the assembly has retained parks and recreation, public safety and the harbor boards. It has let the Utility and Motor Pool boards dissolve.

The borough will also consider moving the outdoor skate park at the ball field into the old fire hall.

Assembly member Kurt Wohlhueter brought up the issue during the meeting.

“It was brought to my attention a couple of days ago by some of the boarders up there,” Wohlhueter said. “They were disappointed with the disrepair. It becomes slippery and hazardous for them to be up there.”

He said park users are starting a petition for the move.

Steve Giesbrecht, borough manager, said he would discuss the matter with the parks and recreation director.

Assembly member John Hoag was concerned about the liabilities associated with moving the park and the condition of the infrastructure.

Wohlhueter said the move would only be temporary.


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