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Hats off to Petersburg youth

To the Editor:

Karen and I underestimated how many kids would come to our house trick or treating this year. Thus, as our supplies dwindled, so did our handouts. As the volume in our basket approached the zero mark, I mentioned to one boy trick or treating by himself that he would have to take less. So, he didn’t take anything, instead he reached into his bag, grabbed a handful of his treats and tossed them into my basket. What a fine young man. I just wish I knew who he was. If anyone knows his identity, I’d like to know. He found us on Wrangell Avenue and may have blonde hair, or put that coloring in his hair as part of his costume. My guess is that he’s a fourth or fifth grader, but then I don’t excel in estimating the age of young people -- or anyone for that matter. Thanks to that boy, we still had something for a little cherub who arrived with her mom. As she was departing, her mom realized she hadn’t thanked me. “Now what do you say,” she asked her little one. “Trick or treat,” came her response. That worked. Shortly after a mega-sized group of mostly older girls arrived. I commented that they would finally clean us out. Instead, they cheerfully responded they didn’t want to do that and went off without anything. What a thoughtful group of young people. Yes, Petersburg’s youth demonstrated their finest side at our home this year. Thanks to all the children, parents and teachers who contributed to making this such a memorable evening for us.

Don and Karen Cornelius


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