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Petersburg schools celebrates Veteran's Day


Kyle Clayton / Petersburg Pilot

Elementary students thank Petersburg veterans during the Veteran's Day Assembly last Monday.

Petersburg School District students and staff hosted a Veteran's Day Assembly in the Wright Auditorium Monday morning.

Elementary and middle school students sang songs and played instruments for more than 15 Petersburg veterans and other assembly attendees.

After the music those attending the event thanked and shook the hands of the veterans, one of whom served during WW2.

Petersburg high school and middle school students attended and watched a video presentation detailing the lives and insights from local veterans on what it means to be a veteran and how they see themselves.

Nick Boggs was featured in the video. Boggs deployed to Iraq during its initial invasion as an infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division. He was attached to an air assault unit and repelled from a Black Hawk helicopter when his boots first hit the ground in Iraq.

"They put us in a rice patty," Boggs said in the video. "It was really green. There were cows and farmers walking by. They're looking at you and you're looking at them and you're like 'what do we do?'"

He engaged in assaults that spanned the entire country in cities such as Karbala, Mosul and Baghdad. In the video he described what it was like to experience combat and war.

"You learn a lot about yourself," Boggs said. "Especially when you get off the helicopter and you see the ruins of war...I'd never seen a dead body before. And you get off the helicopter and they're stacked all over."

He also touched upon the nature of camaraderie his army experiences gave him. Boggs said the time spent-through the good and the bad-enabled him and the soldiers he served with to become a kind of family.

"Every single day," Boggs said. "Every single minute. It's beyond friendship. It's all about being together."


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