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Veteran's Day assembly

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all of the veterans who arrived at school this afternoon (11/11/13) for the Veteran's Day assembly. It means a lot to the school staff as well as all of the Petersburg students to have a face to honor in their own town. When the veterans show up they are not only allowing us to honor them, but they are also promoting a healthy respect towards the military for both those who wish to serve and those who don't. If there are more vets in Petersburg who were not able to participate in this years' assembly, I would like to honor them now and look forward to seeing them next year.

Ben Zarlengo

PHS Junior

Bring real jobs to Petersburg

To the Editor:

I've been told all my life that “silence is the same as consent.” That may well be true. However, I do hope people will not be silent concerning just one more attempt at making the people in Petersburg “bend to the will of a few,” in a (so called) for the good of the people, recycling project. Petersburg needs more revenue income to pay for things they need, if really needed at all. A new post office, a new reservoir, refurbish the existing water treatment plan, a new swimming pool, a new fire department, a new library, rebuilding the harbors, repaving the streets downtown, and a new police department. The police department being the one real need we have in the city/borough, which (in my humble opinion) should have taken precedence over almost all of the above.

If Petersburg really wants to bring in more revenue, how about doing something to lower the unemployment rate? Instead of making unemployed people take the time to sort their garbage (although they certainly have the time) or raising their utility bill, how about doing something to help bring real jobs to Petersburg? Jobs that bring more people into the city or borough. Like opening up timber industry and mining and doing more to help the fishing industry?

Again (in my humble opinion) all this is going to do is cost the people more than they can already afford. So if they don't catch all of the recyclables it costs them more. More that can be used to buy groceries, pay rent, children's school clothing, and maybe gas money. No need to comment on the cost of all these things. We all are aware of what it costs to live here. Why make it more difficult for people? How about the Borough Assembly doing something to bring real jobs into the borough to raise revenue?

Alaska Debt Clock: $10,758,397,590 and rising fast.

National Debt Clock: $17,140,246,590,000 and rising faster.

All we seem to be doing is putting an added burden on our citizens. And, by asking for grants, all we are doing is being a part of the problem.

I, for one, do not consent.

Ralph Duddles


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