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November 22, 1913 – What is believed to be a new species of salmon has appeared in the Skeena river this season, says a report; and fishermen are puzzled at the strange fish. It has never been seen before, either in the Skeena or any other British Columbia river.

In appearance, the new salmon resembles both the sockeye and the humpback, being described as a cross between the two. Its markings seem to include characteristic spots and colorings of both fish and the dorsal fin, while distinct from either of these species, appears to be a modification of both.

The new salmon is of large size, and is a splendid food fish, having rich pink flesh such as makes the sockeyes so highly prized by canners.

November 24, 1983 – Big bold and black, after dark drama with spaghetti straps, a cranberry dress with whisper appeal and models wrapped in candies appeared on stage Friday and Saturday at the Elks.

More than 400 spectators watched dresses and pants suits swish by on stage during the Holiday Fashion Show. Proceeds exceeded $2,000 said Lynda Fredricksen, an Emblem Club member. A portion of the proceeds will go to help local handicapped children.

November 25, 1993 – Petersburg Creek on Kupreanof Island, a popular target for boaters and hikers in the summers, was partially blocked by a landslide which recently created a new route for the stream about a quarter mile below Petersburg Lake.

The slide, which caused more water to back into the lake, was caused by heavy rains in late October, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

November 20, 2003 – Bruno seems to be on the prowl when he should be hibernating. The first snowfall of the year gave the bruin a white mohawk. It also makes it appear that Bruno is searching for his salmon which, once again, has been stolen. Artist Eric Larson now uses a mold to produce fiberglass fish instead of hand-carving wooden ones which thieves find so delightful.


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