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To the editor:

Thank you for making “Petersburg Girls Sing in Nashville for Honors Choir” your lead story in the Nov. 14 issue of the Petersburg Pilot. I would like to contribute a few more details of interest to the story:

The National Honor Music Festival is put on by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and is the largest association of its kind in the US. Besides being an advocacy group, it is the organization that hosts music teacher conferences and regional music festivals like All-Northwest and All-State in some states. This organization casts the widest net in the country for auditions because of the teacher membership. No other music education association has the same clout.

To be chosen for an All-National Honor Group, a participant must first have been chosen for their state’s All-State Music festival; they then audition for the National Honor Group using the same All-State audition material. This year, All-National video auditions were due June 1 and selections were made July 16.

At the 2013 National Honor Music Festival in November there were approximately 645 participants from all 50 states divided in four groups: choir, band, orchestra, and jazz band. There were 14 participants chosen from Alaska. Fran Abbot and Stephanie Pfundt were the only students from southeast Alaska. Fran Abbott sang Alto I and Stephanie Pfundt sang Soprano II.

Both Abbott and Pfundt have participated in honor choirs before. Each of them has made the Southeast Alaska Region V Honor Choir three times, the Alaska All-State Choir two times, and the All-Northwest Choir once. (All-Northwest includes the best musicians from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.)

Abbott and Pfundt are Petersburg High School’s first musicians to be selected to a National Honor Group. To my knowledge, no other PHS musician has received as many selections to honor ensembles as these two young ladies.

Thank you for your steadfast coverage of Petersburg High School events.

Matt Lenhard

PCSD Music Director

Spa Day

To the editor:

We had a Spa Day Glamour Shoot in Long Term Care on Saturday Nov. 9, and it was a huge success because of the people who gave up precious weekend time to volunteer their efforts to make it so. Erica Washke and Wendy Westre came in the morning to give our residents skin care, hand rubs and manicures. In the afternoon, Beulah Johnson came to style hair and makeup, and Mandy Kivisto took the residents' portraits. Savann Guthrie thought of us before she left town and brought us some wonderful huge paper flowers to use as props. By the time it was all over, the residents of Long Term Care felt thoroughly pampered. They had a really nice day. Erica, Wendy, Beulah, Mandy, and Savann: thank you so much.

Patty Biggers

PMC Activities Coordinator


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