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It's called bullying


To the Editor:

What is my Borough Assembly doing...? Around town some residents have called it coercion, others think it’s worse, seeing it as textbook intimidation. I think the correct label is more basic than that.

Our Borough has called their new plan well meaning... and I agree their basic goal does have merit. It’s the new, improved, Borough recycling program. Yes, this voluntary (?) program will be paid for by Borough residents, who choose not to participate. Using a not to subtle monetary penalty, to bring pressure on folks to participate in a voluntary program has a name.

It’s called bullying... to bully someone is unacceptable at school, with peers at work, and yes even by our local Borough government.

Bottomline: The Borough Assembly needs to re-think and re-vamp this heavy handed voluntary (?) program. The odor of coercion, intimidation and bullying permeates their proposed plan, and that’s shameful.

Having recycled for many years, I miss those dumpsters...they were truly a voluntary recycling program.

Rick Fritz


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